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Value Pack Kit for Cars – MARUTI SUZUKI

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Value Pack Kit for Cars – MARUTI SUZUKI


Our prime product, Value Pack Kit for Cars, is available in multiple shades specific to various Car brands, models and their respective color variants. It’s a complete touchup solution for your Car scratches and contains all the things which you might require to do a quality job.

Note: We are making a customised value pack kit / Paint pen kit as per the model of your Car, we need max 4 -5 working days to produce the same and dispatch accordingly. Request you to patiently wait for your order.

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Value Pack Kit for Cars If you have scratches on your car and wish to remove those, you have selected the right product. Our Value pack Kit, contains all the things you require to touchup those annoying car scratches and will give you a perfect finish. The Paint Can in the kit is computerised color matched to the Car colors available in the above list of colors and there should be no problem for you to get a perfect matching finish. There are instances, where the color might not look matching to you, but once you maintain the right distance of spraying and slowly build up coats, you will be able to  EXACTLY MATCH the color by your spraying technique. The Shade in Com-Paint is generally kept on a lighter tone so that as you coat your vehicle you can achive the darkness in shade with your coat builtup. Don’t forget to see our DEMO VIDEOS for a better understanding of the whole process of Touchup. Highlights

  • Quickly Dries
  • Smooth and Fine Finish
  • Can be used on other metal surfaces
  • No additional/external equipment/ product required for application.
  • Available in standard shades of various Car Brands and Models.

Kit Contents:

    1. Can of Com-Paint Value Pack Kit of Selected Color (120 gm)
    2. Can of Com-Merge, Finishing Solvent Spray (120 gm)
    3. Tube of Com-Cut (50 gm)
    4. Tube of Com-Fill (50 gm)
    5. Com-Paint Metal Applicator
    6. Com-Paint Emery Pads of 400 and 2500 Grits


7 reviews for Value Pack Kit for Cars – MARUTI SUZUKI

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Amazing Product…
    Perfect Color Match..
    Perfect Shine..
    I am giving this product 5 star rating because of its perfection in color matching & shine..I have never ever seen such a wonderful product like this in my entire life.
    I recommend this product to each & every one…Give it a try & you will get to know how amazing this product is…You will fall in love with this master blaster product.
    I would suggest com paint to keep at least (three grits of 400 & 2500 each) with the value pack kit because we get only 1 grit each of 400 & 2500 which ain’t enough to clear the surface of the car.
    Congratulations Team Com Paint for such a perfect & wonderful work.. God Bless ya all..

    • Thank you so much Sir.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    The paint is very accurate in colour to the original colour in my case it is pearl blue blaze for maruti ritz.Though i need to master how to use com cut to bring maximum shine to the paint.The colour though is very accurate and scratches diminishes within seconds.
    Abhishek ghatak

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    product was nice
    perfect colour matched for my car

    • Thanks sir

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I was searching for paint for a long time and accidentally came across com-paint. Ordered this one and I’ve applied it, it seems to be perfectly matching with my car colour. I’ve applied myself reading the manual and surprisingly all the dents have gone and it worked well. Thank you com-paint.

    A highly recommended product.

  5. 3 out of 5

    Colour Nexa Blue

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Colour match is perfect.. I used it for my swift (fire red) it is very much easy to apply.
    So go for it with out any hesitation

    • Thank you Sir for your review. We look forward to serve you again.

  7. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Color matches with car body color. Wagonr 2009 model Passion Red

    • Thank you so much for your reply and feedback

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How to use (DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS): CHECK COLOUR : Before using, compare color of the paint with the finish on your car / surface by spraying Com-Paint on a remote area, say ......  on Car door sill. Once it looks okay, then only proceed or else, speak to us. STEP 1 PREPARE SURFACE  :  Wash scratched area, remove any loose  rust, old paint, dirt, wax polish etc. and dry the area thoroughly.  Before spray paint application, it is important that you mask the area of your car which is to be refinished. The use of masking tape with even newspaper will help prevent over spray from reaching ......the other areas of the car. For small and minor scratches :  Wet emery pad EP - 2500 and the scratched surface. Gently rub back and  forth on the scratch and across by applying a little even pressure of hand. Repeat until most of the  scratch  disappears. The area will  become smooth and dull. When the surface area looks uniform, wipe dry with a clean cloth and now, it  is ready for use of Com-Paint spray. For Deep Scratches & Stone Chips :In case of exposed metal surface or deep scratches, use Com-Fill  paste to fill  the scratch. Apply light coats  with the help of metal applicator to spread evenly for a uniform fill of the scratch and level other surface imperfection. Immediately scrap off the excess with the metal applicator to level the surface and let it dry for 30 minutes. STEP 2 Wet emery pad EP - 400 and the filled surface, gently  rub by applying uniform pressure to level the area to be touched up with  the  adjoining surface. Wipe dry with a clean cloth and the area is ready for paint spray application. STEP 3 SHAKE Com-Paint CAN VIGOROUSLY  UNTIL  AGITATOR BALL  MOVES FREELY.  Hold Can straight 25 cms ( 12” ) from  the surface. SPRAY IN STROKING MOTION TO AVOID DRIPPING. Apply light coats rather a heavy one which might make paint  to  sag &  run. Wait for 5 minutes between coats. Wait for 10 minutes for the Paint to dry which would become dull (Matt). STEP 4 Shake the Com-Merge - Finishing Solvent Can and spray on the painted area taking a wider periphery of  the  touched up area  in order to let the paint  overspray  re-dissolve and merge with the surrounding surface. Let the touched up area dry for 24 hrs. for full curing of the paint film. STEP 5 The next day you will notice the surface to be rough due to dust settlement. Option 1 – If the surface is less rough, proceed to STEP 6 Option 2 – If the surface has more dust or roughness on feel, wet emery pad EP 2500 and the car surface and very lightly rub on the painted area. STEP 6 To give a final finish, apply a small quantity of Com-Cut to the repair area. Take a clean cloth and start with a soft rubbing  action to restore shine. Wipe with a clean dry cloth. NOTES: CLEAN PAINT SPRAY BUTTON AFTER USE. If spray button clogs, rinse it in thinner and replace. TIPS FROM COM-PAINT  : Do not use the product if the surface is hot to touch. Only use  light  pressure  on the emery pads to remove excess paint. Excessive pressure may remove the surrounding paint also. Use masking tape only, other typeof tapes  say........a cellotape may cause paint damage on removal. Keep emery pads and paint surface heavily wet while sanding. Precautions

  • Do not use the product if the surface is hot to touch
  • Use masking tape only as cello tape can cause paint to be removed
  • Do not puncture the can, incinerate or store above 50° C.
  • Do not place Can on a radiator, stove, in direct sunlight or near other heat source
  • If spray gets into eyes flush with water.
  • If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, call physician. Keep out of reach of children.

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