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Alkyd Base Paints

Alkyd Base Paints

To meet the compelling requirements of the contemporary market, Com-Paint, as one of the market-leading manufacturer of Aerosol paints had to also add Alkyd Base Paints to their list of products.. These paints are cheaper in terms of pricing, and lower in quality as compared to Acrylic Sprays, hence industrial application on insignificant surfaces is recommended. These paints have corrosion resistance up to 120 hours

Areas of Applications

All metal as well as other painted surfaces including plastics where touch up is required.


  • High Performance Alkyd Base Paint

  • Good Coverage

  • Made and processed in our own Research & Development Lab

  • Product supremacy is an outcome of our proven 32 years experience within the industry


Available in pack size of 300 gms. (equivalent to 440 ml) and 120 gms. (equivalent to 180 ml)

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