how to Touchup on Paint Defects

An Effective Guide on How to Touchup on Paint Defects

Any vehicle is bound to acquire a few chips on its paint from debris from the road kicking up while driving on the sides, minor accidents like your keys scratching the surface of the paint and of course adverse weather conditions especially if it is parked outside and without a cover.

Even a new vehicle you buy sometimes has a few paint defects that are unavoidable due to the weather conditions, the paint type and the application procedures followed. Usually, these scratches are so small that you wish you could take care of them yourself. This is where Com-Paint’s scratch touch up solutions can make your day by saving you a ton of money, the long tedious paperwork as well as time.

This blog post addresses the issue of how to touch upon paint defects by yourself. The process is simple and fairly easy to follow as long as you keep in mind some basic things. Here are the steps in a very non-technical manner which just about anyone can understand:

  1. Wash the area of the car where the paint is scratched or chipped. Ensure that the repair area is free of any dirt or grime by using a good cleaning agent. Use a clean, soft cloth to rub the scratched area in a circular motion to make sure that it is clean and dry after washing.

  2. Check for rust by looking for any signs of discoloration on the metal. If the area has any dark brown coloured substance, it is most probably the rust. Use a 220 grit sandpaper gently to remove this discoloration and wipe with a dry cloth to remove this rust which will allow the primer to hold on to the metal underneath. Doing this will maintain the area and minimize any chances of this rust to develop under the paint in the future.

  3. 3. Apply the filler paste to the scratch area with the applicator provided in the kit. Let it dry for 30 minutes, after which wet the EP 400 emery pad and lightly scrape the area to make it smooth. Then wipe the area again to make it completely dry.

  4. Apply the touchup paint, which is shade-matched to your car, on the area after thoroughly shaking the can to mix the color consistently. Make sure you apply the paint 2 to 3 times in uniform coats to bring it up to the thickness of paint on the rest of the car. Make sure you allow some time between applications for the paint to dry.

  5. Spray the finishing solvent over a wide area in and around the freshly painted section. Leave it for 24 hours. Apply the paint polish paste to the repair area and polish with a soft cloth till you get a uniform shine.

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