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Anti Corrosive

Anti Corrossive

It is a special coating spray from Com-Paint which is ideal for protection of metal components against degradation due to moisture, oxidation or exposure to variety of environmental or industrial hazards. The coating acts as a strong barrier against these hazards and the surface on which it is applied which increases the lifespan of the product against corrosion. It gives Corrosion Resistance upto 600 hrs.

Anti Corrosive Paint Manufacturers India:

Anti corrosive spray, on the other hand, is based upon premium quality thermoplastic acrylic resin with Anti Corrosive additives which provide excellent weather resistant film. The important feature of this product is to give a high gloss clear film. Other features being high coverage, fast drying, good levelling, better flexibility and good adhesion.

Areas of application

  • Wherever film protection for corrosion is required.

  • Available in High Gloss Clear finish.


  • High Performance

  • Better Coverage

  • Made and processed in our own Research & Development Lab

  • Product supremacy is an outcome of our proven 32 years experience within the industry


Available in pack size of 300 gms (equivalent to 440ml)

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