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Car Care Essentials: The Best Products for Car Cleaning

Even the brand-new cars can go from looking, “Oh, wow!” to “Oh, no!” quickly. Luckily, with a few quality car care products, and a little time, you can get your vehicle back into the perfect condition it was in when you bought it.

Following are some tips for deep cleaning your vehicle using our super value pack kit for cars, both internally and externally so you can protect your car and turn some heads at the same time!

Best Products for Car Cleaning

1. Start Off With The Tyres

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Tyre cleaners are usually the most abrasive of all the car care products you’ll use since tyres are usually the dirtiest. By cleaning your wheels and rims first, you’ll ensure all overspray is washed off during the process of cleaning other parts of your vehicle preventing your car’s exterior from damage.

Start off by rinsing your wheels to get rid of loose dust and particles. Use a tyre cleaner that is formulated accordingly for the rims you have on your car (steel, alloy, or chrome), then thoroughly clean both tyres and rims with the wheel cleaner, a clean sponge and a tyre cleaning brush to make sure you don’t miss any spots. Be certain to rinse thoroughly to get rid of any remnants of the cleaning solution.

Next, you’ll want to use a microfiber cloth to carefully dry the wheels followed by treating them with Tyre Glaze (car tyre polish). Tyre Glaze is a special formulation that keeps tires looking wet and shiny – locking it in with an exclusive blend of silicone polymers. It protects against UV rays and is also great for black bumpers or parts where blackness is required.

2. Cleaning Your Car’s Exterior

Now that you’ve finished with the wheels, you can advance to the main cleaning event: actually, washing your car!

Again, you’ll want to start by spraying down your car’s exterior to get rid of any excess dirt, grime, or, (ahem) avian excrement that your vehicle may have attracted during its travels.

1. Use a high-pressure sprayer to save water. You may have heard that kitchen dish detergent works just fine for cars, but since these formulations are designed to fight grease, they strip away wax and any other protective coating from your car.

2. Use a car shampoo that is specifically formulated for painted exteriors and a clear coat. The added lubrication will help in getting rid of the dirt quickly.

3. Fill a bucket of lukewarm water with the suggested amount of car shampoo, such as Car shampoo by com paints (which smells as good as it cleans).

4. Then use a clean sponge to scrub the car from the top to bottom. If it’s a warm day, wash the car in sections so that the car doesn’t dry before you’ve finished cleaning. Using a microfibre cloth to dry your car efficiently, doesn’t leave any dreaded water spots.

5. Next, use some liquid car polish to buff out any small scratches or light scuff marks. And if you’re intimidated by the precision and skill that’s needed to apply traditional car wax the correct way, car wash and wax by com paints and a clean microfiber cloth can do the job perfectly!

3. Clean Both Sides of Your Windows

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It’s a good idea to go over the windows again with some quality car glass cleaner. Even though you’ve already technically washed the surface of your car’s windows using car care products.

Repeat the same process on the inside of the car once you’ve finished on the outside, so you can get rid of any fingerprints or smudge marks from the glass, which in turn, increases the visibility.

There are professional cleaning services available with which you can easily get your car seat cleaned and have your vehicle interior looking (and smelling) like new again. But you can just as easily clean your car yourself and save a lot of money.

You can easily clean your car by using these car cleaning products. Start by vacuuming out all the interiors, and then slowly use the steam cleaner on all soft surfaces, including the door trims and the boot of your car.

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