How to Touchup on Paint Defects on Cars at Home

Car owners take pride in driving meticulously clean cars. It feels great to drive a scratch-free car with a shining surface. To maintain it in the same condition, regular services are required. Additionally, you must drive the car carefully [...]

CED Coating Defect that Affect Your Cars

Cathode Electro Deposition or CED is a modern and environment-friendly water based coating for metal substrates. The coating is a combination of dip and spray that is performed on the metal components. During the coating, there can be various defects [...]


Aerosol Spray Paint Cans, a Boon for Users

Ever since the technique of aerosol packing under specific pressure parameters was adapted for products like paints, the consumers have found it to be of immense advantage. Prior to this, you had to hunt for a neighbourhood painter or [...]

Tyre Glaze, W&W, L Car Polish Combo Pack

Cleaning your car is real fun

Nowadays, with lots of cleaning options available to you, you can easily opt for the most affordable car cleaning kit. This kit must have high quality products and give you the best value for your money. Your car will [...]