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Fluorescent Spray

Fluorescent Spray

Fluorescent Spray Paint is a special thermoplastic acrylic resin base which is formulated with strong focus on colour consistency, fast drying, and respect for both the user as well as environment. The paint provides coated-film with exceptional fluorescent effect and brilliant colour when illuminated by sunlight or artificial light. The finish has excellent hardness, adhesion and flexibility.

Areas of applications

  • It is widely used for indoor/outdoor advertisement hoardings, interior decoration, and best suited for metals, wood, glass, ABS, etc

  • High visibility areas and are ideal for identification and safety as well as decorative and craft projects.

Making use of white colour spray paint as base is recommended before using any Fluorescent shade for best results because Fluorescent colour stands out best when used on white background on any material.


  • High Performance

  • Better Coverage

  • Made and processed in our own Research & Development Lab

  • Product supremacy is an outcome of our proven 32 years experience within the industry


Available in pack size of 300 gms (equivalent to 440 ml)

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