How to Use Powder Coating Defects Solutions to Maintain Your Car

How to Use Powder Coating Defects Solutions to Maintain Your Car

Powder coating is a dry finishing method that is applied to the car’s surface. It adds a soft new layer in the colour of your choice. In addition to improving its aesthetic appeal, the coating provides greater durability.

With this coating, the surface of the car becomes resistant to corrosion, weather, and other factors that cause severe damage to metal substrates. With powder coating, the surface of the car is protected from exposure to sun and rain.

Cars in coastal areas mostly get rusted because of the salt present in moist air. Generally, metals get rusted in normal water at a slow rate but in the presence of salt water, they rust much faster. To avoid this situation, it is better to get effective powder coating defects solutions for your car.

Powder coating is used to provide a solid finish that is harder in comparison to the conventional paint. It is basically used for coating of various metals such as aluminium extrusions, household appliances, automobile, etc.

Powder Coating Defects Solutions to Maintain Your Car

There are certain steps to be followed for coating the car’s surface. Read on to know what steps should be taken during the powder coating process.

Keep it Clean: First of all, keep the car’s surface spotless. Clean the surface using an alkaline cleaner and spray washer. This will remove all the organic soil, dirt, rust inhibitors, or waxes that could be present on the substrate.

Control Temperature: Besides cleaning the car’s surface, the cars temperature must be brought down as high temperature act as a hindrance in providing a perfect finish.

Control Humidity: In addition to controlling the temperature, it is essential to control humidity as well. Fluctuations in humidity can also add up to the defects in a powder-coated finish. Remember, the powder is highly sensitive to moisture, and it may form clumps.

Carefully Store the Powder: The powder should be stored at less than 80 degree Fahrenheit. It should be kept away from the heat source. Additionally, the boxes containing the powder must not be stored one above the other as they may result in lumps.

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