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An Effective Guide on how to Touchup on Paint Defects

Any vehicle is bound to acquire a few chips on its paint from debris from the road kicking up... read more

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Keep the Perfect Paint Defects Solution at Hand for Quick and Easy Touch ups

Paint defects are a very common occurrence and the worst part is that they become apparent only after the... read more

how to remove car scratches

How to Remove Car Scratches Without Professional Help

Touch up on a car scratch is done for only a small area and only if the original paint... read more


Aerosol Spray Paint Cans, a Boon for Users

Ever since the technique of aerosol packing under specific pressure parameters was adapted for products like paints, the consumers... read more

Cleaning your car is real fun

Nowadays, with lots of cleaning options available to you, you can easily opt for the most affordable car cleaning... read more

Com-Paint Paint Pen Unboxing / UnPacking Video

Com-Paint Paint Pen Unboxing / UnPacking Videoread more

How to keep your car in the pink of conditions always?

Owning a car is really a feeling beyond expressions, and for a large number of people, it is just... read more

Buy World-class Car Paint for Scratches in India

Although the French genius Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) did extensive research in dynamics and the impact of pressure, for over... read more


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