How to Select the Perfect Car Shampoo?

How to Select the Perfect Car Shampoo

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How to Select the Perfect Car Shampoo

Depending upon how much you love your ride, washing your car is either a labour of love or a tedious chore. The latter category usually employs outside help to just rub off the daily coating of dust on the car which results in small nicks and scratches that over time take the sheen off even the best paint jobs done on your car. Any car lover would tell you the importance of building a connect with your car under the blissful caresses of a good car wash shampoo.

Choosing a good car shampoo will ensure that your car remains shiny and looking new for a long time to come. But most car wash shampoos in the market contain a small percentage of the many ‘all-purpose cleaner solvents’. These solvents have strong chemicals that will, with constant use, strip away the paint in small amounts each time and hence make your car look dull and old pretty quickly.

Most of the car wash shampoos available in the market are bound to contain a mixture of detergents that have ‘surface active agents’ that bind with the dirt and grease which can then be washed away easily. These detergent-based shampoos may remove grime well but also end up damaging the paint.

Finding a non-detergent based, pH-balanced car shampoo can be tricky, but your search ends with Com-Paint’s specially formulated non-detergent based car wash shampoo, that is guaranteed to clean away dirt and grime effectively while at the same time, being very gentle on your car.

All you need to do is simply add the shampoo to water in a certain proportion as mentioned on the bottle before being lathered on to the car with a wet cloth. Wash away the suds with clean water and watch how your car sparkles in the sun.

Pro tip: Never pour the shampoo directly on your car or create the lather directly on the car’s surface. It will make your paint start to look blotchy especially if you are using the same spot on the car to pour the car shampoo.

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