Top 3 DIY Hacks to Remove Car Scratches at Home 

Removing car scratches at home sounds difficult? Not anymore, as here are some of the best DIY hacks that can help you get those tough scratches to leave your car right away. Nobody likes to have scratches on their vehicle, whether it is brand new or has logged many miles. But what can be done about these little scrapes and scratches that appear overnight? And how can these car dings be fixed?

There are many different reasons why a car could get scratched. Poor parking, inadvertent scratches caused by objects left on the hood, and other incidents; all we need to know is how to fix them.

Here are 3 quick and simple scratch-removal methods to assist you:

1. Use of Toothpaste for Surface Scratches: Check the scratch first and make sure that it is only a surface scratch before using this DIY technique. Simply wash the scratched area and remove all the dirt. Use a hose to spray water on your car to wash it yourself and get rid of the dirt and grime. Use a sizable sponge or car-washing brush to apply soap to your car afterward. Work the soap into every surface of your vehicle, and then spray it off with the hose. Use a fresh, dry towel to dry your automobile. On a damp microfiber cloth, dab toothpaste the size of a quarter and apply it smoothly. The best toothpaste for removing scratches is whitening toothpaste. 

2. Use of a Scratch Removal Kit for Small Scratches: Small scratches are the ones that are relatively deep but can be healed with the help of a good scratch removal kit like the Com Paint Value Pack Kit. Start with washing your car and removing all the dirt from the surface. Use a microfiber towel to wipe your car surface and then use Com Paint Value Pack Kit as directed in the instruction manual, or you can check the YouTube video too. 

3. Use of Paint to fix Deep Scratches: The deep scratches require much more effort. Just wash your car thoroughly and remove all the dirt from scratch. Sand the scratched area to strip away the layers of paint. Rinse and dry the area; then, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the surface completely. Apply a few coats of primer on the sanded areas, and then apply a few coats of paint on the particular area. Make sure the color you choose should match the color of the car. Finally, add a touch of shiny layer by applying a coat of wax. 

To conclude, do it yourself task of removing scratches from your car is extremely simple. Anyone can do it by following the steps mentioned above.

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