7 Ways to keep your vehicle shining 

Keeping your vehicle clean daily is the best way to protect it from dust, dirt, grime, etc. But, only cleaning does not help in attaining the results that you want to achieve. If you dream about making your car just like a new one, you need to improvise your washing techniques and upgrade your cleaning products. 

Tips to keep your car shining 

Many products are available in the market that can be used on your car to make it shine. But, only the specialized ones will work the best such as Com-Paint car care products.

  1. Car Shampoo: Wash your car with Com-Paint car shampoo that is specially formulated to offer a clean look to your car while restoring its original gloss. Pour a small amount of shampoo in a bucket of water, and rinse a piece of car-cleaning sponge and scrub the car by working up a rich leather. In the end, wash the car with water. 

  2. Tyre Shine Spray: Many people don’t give much importance to the shine of the tires. But just like they say that a person’s personality is defined by the shoes he wears; similarly, a car’s appearance is incomplete without making its tires shine. Com-Paint Tyre Glaze – Tyre Shine Spray is a unique formulation that cleans the tires and offers them a shiny and wet look. 

  3. Dashboard Shiner: Cleaned interiors are equally important. If you only give importance to the exteriors of your car then wait, you have to clean your car from inside too. A special dashboard shiner by Com-Paint helps in cleaning of your car’s dashboard with precision leaving behind a brilliant shine.  

  4. Glass Cleaner: A clear vision and clean glass complete the look of a car. Thus, you should clean your car’s glasses every day with Com-Paint Glass Cleaner that has anti-glare properties too. 

  5. Screen Wash: The windscreen should remain spotless to provide a clear vision to the driver. For this, Com-Paint screen wash is the best option. It is a concentrated liquid blend that can be easily added to the car’s windscreen washer bottle to offer a streak-free surface. 

  6. Liquid Car Polish: Give a final touch of a glossy finish to your car and complete protection to its paint by using Com-Paint liquid car polish. It is a unique liquid having a blend of the finest quality waxes and high-tech silicones. 

  7. Car Wash & Wax: Com-Paint Car Wash & Wax is a specially formulated solution that helps clean your car without water. It is a unique formula that helps clean the vehicle in a single swipe leaving behind a layer of wax for a glossy finish. Also, it keeps away the dirt from sticking again to the vehicle’s surface. 

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