CED Coating Defect Solution for Touch ups is the Need of the Hour

Com-Paint’s CED Coating Defects Solution for Touch ups is the Need of the Hour

The Cathode Electro Deposition or CED method of painting is a cross between painting and electroplating. In this process, the metal is immersed in the paint emulsion which is mixed with a water-based solution and electricity is passed through the system to coat the metal with paint.

The thickness of the painting application on the metal depends on the voltage of the electricity passed through the system. A final rinsing in another tank of the painted metal part then readies them for curing with heat and for further processing. CED coating is a widely used technique for painting auto components such as wheel rims, underbody, etc. More often than not, only shades of black color are used.

Although the CED coating process provides a protective and decorative finish to the metal it is often prone to flaws. These flaws can be attributed to various mechanical, chemical, substrate-related as well as environmental factors. Some of the common flaws or defects arising out of an imperfect CED coating job are:

  • Cratering
  • Rupturing
  • Roughness
  • Streaking
  • Outgassing
  • Foaming
  • Gloss variation
  • Color variation
  • Thin coating
  • Orange peel

Com-Paint has come up with specialized paint as a path-breaking CED coating defect solution to ensure that any type of imperfections that have been missed by the third party vendor as a result of their painting technique can be easily repaired at your own convenience.

This easy to use CED coating defects solution will not only drastically reduce your repainting costs but also save precious time and effort spent trying to correct the defect by sending it back to the vendor, who will have the whole CED stripped and redone from scratch.

Com-Paint’s Super Acrylic Base or Acrylic Base Paint is specially formulated to ensure that repairing craters/pinholes and other CED Paint-related defects is easy, effective and long lasting. These paints have superior anti-corrosive properties and UV life resistance upto 500 hours. All the OEM has to do is provide a shade panel for reference. Which will be used to customize the exact shade-matched spray paint for a smooth and flawless touch up job.

The process to apply the paint is very simple and one does not need any special training for it. All one needs to do is follow the instructions printed on the spray can carefully and take the process step-by-step. Soon all the unsightly blemishes on the auto components will be removed and it will be pretty hard for anyone to notice them.

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