How to Remove Car Scratches Without Professional Help

How to Remove Car Scratches Without Professional Help

Touch up on a car scratch is done for only a small area and only if the original paint of the car has not faded away or changed colour. Larger affected areas require spray painting done in a controlled environment and are best left to the professionals. It is almost impossible to disguise the repainting on anything but a small area done with a steady hand as per the directions on the spray can.

Start on a nice, bright and sunny day to start your DIY project. Avoid cloudy or humid days as they will affect the touch-up job.

Choosing the right shade of colour for the make and model of your car will be the first step in this process of how to remove car scratches. This can be easily done by visiting the website of a prominent touch-up paint manufacturer such as Com-Paint and selecting the right shade from a convenient filter option based on brand, model and year of manufacture.

Com-Paint’s touch-up paints come in easy-to-use aerosol spray cans. The valve gasket construction with the correct consistency of the solvents in the paint makes for an even application to give that perfect finish.

Next, make sure that the affected area is completely rust free by sanding it down gently with a 220-grit sandpaper to allow the primer to bond with the surface. Wash the area to remove any dust, dirt, residue, etc. and allow it to dry completely before starting the repainting work.

Once you have used a filler putty to fill in the scratch area, wait for a while before you apply the paint. Smoothen the area with a wet EP 400 emery paper. Mix the paint in the can by shaking it thoroughly to make sure that the colour is consistent and comes out easily from the nozzle (the agitator ball inside the can should be moving freely).

Check that the shade exactly matches your car. This can be done by spraying it on another piece of metal or on the unseen parts of the car like the hidden underside of the door to match the paint colour with the rest of the car. Spray the paint in a stroking motion; apply several light coats to make the surface even and blend in with the existing paint.

Allow a couple of hours for the paint to dry off before starting with the next step in this process of how to remove car scratches. Spray a finishing solvent liberally over and around the touched-up area. This will allow the overspray to dissolve and merge with the surrounding area.

Allow up to 24 hours for the paint to cure; the next day, if you find that the surface is rough due to accumulated dirt overnight, use a wet EP 2500 emery pad and gently rub the painted area. Following this, apply the car scratch remover polish provided with the kit to provide a gleaming finish to your handiwork.

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Remove Scratches without Professional help

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