Instantly Remove Ugly Fingernail Scratches and Key Car Scratches Around your Door Handles

How often has it happened that you pushed your key in the wrong side of the lock, ending up in a nasty scratch on your car door?

Or, your fingernail caused an ugly scratch around the door handle just when you were trying to grab it?

Well, these are not uncommon occurrences and many passionate car lovers face this issue repeatedly. They end up paying huge fees for getting these fixed by a professional. But what if we tell you that now you can instantly remove these scratches yourself using a scratch remover? Don’t believe it? Read further to know more!

The dilemma of Car Scratches

The door handle of a car is the most vulnerable part, prone to getting maximum scratches. Often hurrying to get back home or to office, you end up inserting the key at the wrong point, leading to a scratch. Furthermore, fingernail scratches also occur easily. But these can be removed easily by using the best car scratch remover.

How to Remove Clear Coat Car Scratches

It is easy to restore the exterior door handle and its surrounding area using a car scratch remover spray. You do not need to get it serviced by a professional every time and paying huge bills.

  • Wash and Clay

Firstly, you need to remove all contaminants from the surface before you begin the process. It is further recommended to wash your car first with a pH-balanced car wash soap. Once the car is washed and dried, you can begin removing the scratches.

  • Polish

The next process is to use good quality polish. If you over polish, it will lead to clear coat deterioration. You can use a smoothing hand polish on an applicator tool and rub gently on the surface. Furthermore, use a circular motion to ensure full coverage. This surface is touch to reach by polishing tools, but you can get the best results by polishing manually as well.

  • Apply Wax

It is advisable to buy the best quality car wash and wax for this procedure. Glaze or wax after polishing further enhances the coat and fills in the remaining imperfections. Polishing can make the scratches less visible, but cannot round off the edges. A glaze can help to remove these scratches. A glaze covers up the tiny blemishes and leaves your surface looking crystal clear.

   Protect Finish

Lastly, apply a protective finish to seal the glaze and polish. If you
omit this step, the polish and glaze will wear off quickly.

Even after you have used touch-up paint, a sealant is necessary. It covers up the touch-up work and prevents
it from wearing off. Scratches around the door handles are a common occurrence.
Do not worry as these can be easily removed using the best spray paint, polish, sealant, or wax.

If you are searching for quality products to remove scratches from your car, then you can purchase from Com-Paint, one of the leading spray paint manufacturers in India. Follow the above-mentioned procedure step-by-step to
remove the scratches and ensure that your car remains sparkling, scratch-free,
and new always. So hurry up and shop online from com-paint today!

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