Coil Coating Defect Solution

Discover the Best Coil Coating Defect Solution for an Effortless Touch up job

The coil coating method is a very efficient way of applying paint on metal surfaces prior to fabrication for a uniform and high quality finish. Coil coating is extensively used by a wide variety of industries including construction (building panels, garage doors, painted metal roofs, etc.), home appliances such as refrigerator and dishwasher bodies, and office furniture such as work station partitions and filing cabinets.

Pre-painted metal is widely preferred due to its quality, low cost, flexibility and multiple color options. However, many shortcomings in the method exist, resulting in tiny imperfections in the finish.

Generally it is easy to identify the reason for the flaws in the painting job. These factors include:

  • Incorrect formulation of the paint
  • Wrong or deficient surface preparation
  • Incorrect type of application
  • Incorrect drying time or overbake/undertake
  • Environmental exposures that affect the paint application process

The in-house factors can still be controlled by employing better production practices but the environmental factors are very hard to control or even predict. Some of the more often seen defects that this method of coating usually suffers from are:

  1. Fish eye defects
  2. Flag defects
  3. Orange peel
  4. Popping defects

Now, sending the imperfectly painted items back to the third party vendor for re-painting is usually a waste of time, effort and money. Ordinary paint is not suitable for the job and a specially formulated coil coating defect solution is the need of the hour, which not only provides touch up in the right colour/shade but also adds a layer of protection from corrosion.

Com-Paint as a coil coating defect solution, in the form of Super Acrylic Base or Acrylic Base, is the perfect answer for rectifying most of the types of coil coating defects. These touch-up paints provide incredible protection against corrosion and UV life resistance upto an impressive 500 hours.

The Super Acrylic and Acrylic Base Paints come in easy-to-use aerosol spray cans and can be custom shade matched as per the shade panel shared by the OEM. Spray cans incorporating a unique ‘all angles valve’ for 360 degree application, which is useful for touch up jobs of hard-to-reach places can be provided on demand.

The shade-matched aerosol spray paint will provide the perfect paint touch up if you keep the following things in mind:

  1. Shake the can vigorously for at least a minute to mix the paint in it consistently and thoroughly.
  2. While spraying, keep the can at least 10 inches from the surface for best results and apply several coats over the area for an even look. Shake the can between these reruns.
  3. If the surface seems streaky, make sure you apply the next coat of paint in a different direction. By varying the pattern of spraying you can achieve a consistent finish and unmatched gloss with upto 90% gloss levels.
  4. Hold the can upside down and press for a few seconds until only gas escapes and no paint to remove the extra paint from the nozzle and prepare the can for storage.

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